Pocket/Greenhaven Community Association Meeting Nov. 18th 6 PM.




The Pocket/Greenhaven Community Association will be hosting our next general membership meeting on Thursday, November 18th from 6-8 PM.  We’ll be starting with a presentation from the City of Sacramento Recycling and Solid Waste Division on  food waste recycling and leaf season.  SMUD will be presenting on their “Zero Carbon” plan and we’ll have a special presentation from the Front Street Animal Shelter regarding their services they provide our community.  The meeting will be held via Zoom.  Please register for the meeting with the following link:


Think Local | Shop Local | Dine Local

We’ve been proud to partner with Councilmember Rick Jennings, II to encourage neighbors to “Think Local” when deciding where to shop and dine. Will and Devin just finished hanging and distributing signs today! (With the help of Will’s son Liam) After distributing the last few signs at local #PocketGreenhaven businesses, naturally they took the time to support a couple of them with #PocketPride!

#ShopLocal #DineLocal #ThinkLocal #SacramentoProud #GiveAForkSac #Eat91Six

Featured Business: 9Rounds

The PGCA’s featured business is 9Round Fitness, join us as we get to know its new co-owner Adrienne Chargin.
Devin: Thanks for taking the time, Adrienne. Congratulations! Can you tell us what 9Rounds is?
Adrienne: Thank you so much, we’re excited to get everyone moving! 9Round is a world-wide organization that specializes in a 30 minute full body workout, which focuses on the skills of kickboxing. All skill levels can easily participate in the program, as it is adaptable to meet the needs of all members. In the 30 minutes that our members are working out, we are meeting all of their individual needs. We are able to do so by listening to what our members have to share with us about their health history, as well as their current fitness level. These are things that we take very seriously. We always look to create a dynamic workout that will push our members to their absolute best, while also taking into account any injuries or limitations that they may have. There is a place for all fitness and skill levels in 9Round.
Devin: Sounds fun! Functional exercise has always been my favorite. Tell me a little about yourselves.

Featured Business: Dental Excellence of Greenhaven

The Pocket Greenhaven Community Association’s featured business is

Dental Excellence of Greenhaven , join Devin & Will as we get to know its new owner, Dr. Guillermo Arellano.
Devin: Dr. Arellano, or should I say, Coach Billy, thanks for taking the time to chat with us. Congratulations on the new business. Can you tell us about it?
Dr. Arellano: Thanks Coach Devin. As you know, aside from being a dentist, my main role is “Dad” and that has given me the opportunity to also be “Coach” to my daughters and many other kids in the Pocket community.

Featured Business: Caffe Latte

The Pocket Greenhaven Community Association’s featured business is Caffe Latte, join us as we get to know its new co-owner Fadi Tashman. He and his brother, Suleiman recently purchased the restaurant from its longtime owners Teresa and Daniel LaVelle who are enjoying retirement.

Devin: Hi Fadi, thanks for taking the time to talk to me. Congratulations on your new business! Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and your background?

Fadi: Thanks Devin! We are excited to be here! It has been my passion and my dream to run my own restaurant for years! While I was attending San Jose State, I started working at a restaurant called Squat and Gobble. After graduating I was promoted to manager and really enjoyed learning the whole business, but making people happy is always my number one target.

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Pride of the Pocket 2020

Congratulations again to all of our Pride of the Pocket winners!
Please join us in thanking our sponsors, Supervisor Patrick Kennedy, Councilmember Rick Jennings, II, SMUD and SMUD Director Rosanna Herber! And also give a huge thanks to Pocket News for being such a great partner in spreading the word about this event every year!

Featured Businesses: All of Our Local Restaurants!

This is a very challenging time for our local restaurants. Nearly all of our local restaurants remain open for takeout (T) or delivery (D).  As of July 3, we have verified that all of the following are open, though mostly with limited hours. Restaurants with “Outdoor” are open for outdoor dine-in service, consistent with County regulations. Please support all of our local restaurants!

Device Brewing Co. T/D (916) 594-9043 Menu Outdoor
A Taste Above Café T/D (916) 272-2311 Grubhub
Beijing Garden T/D (916) 458-0888 Menu
Sai Varee T/D (916) 422-7701 Menu
Ramen House Tenjin T (916) 661-6656 Menu
Papa Murphy’s T (916) 424-7272 Order
Mountain Mike’s T/D (916) 970-5360 Order
Riverlake Village
Cacio T (916) 399-9309 Menu
Caffe Latte T (916) 395-9230 Menu Outdoor
Pho Bac Hoa Viet T/D (916) 393-0138 Doordash
Poke Ichii T/D (916) 329-8752 Grubhub
Hop Junction T (916) 382-9211 Menu
Vientos Mexican Cocina T (916) 391-7100 Menu Outdoor
Pizza Guys T/D (916) 429-1111 Order
Subway T/D (916) 392-6720 Order
Riverside Plaza
Chopsticks Express T/D (916) 393-1161 Yelp
New China T/D (916) 424-1717 Menu
Baskin Robins T (916) 393-1331 Order
Banzai Sushi T (916) 421-4055 Menu
Le Croissant Factory T (916) 392-9227 Yelp
Greenhaven Plaza
Edokko T (916) 395-0632 Yelp
Manley Donuts T (916) 392-4469 Yelp Outdoor
Round Table Pizza T/D (916) 422-7557 Order
Taco Bell T/D (916) 393-8557 Order
Lake Crest Village
Tamashii Ramen T/D (916) 228-4172 DoorDash Outdoor
Shari’s Café & Pies T/D (916) 422-0366 Menu
Jimboy’s Tacos T (916) 391-4893 Order Outdoor
Burger King T/D (916) 392-6145 Order
L&L Hawaiian BBQ T/D (916) 392-5555 Order Outdoor
Subway T/D (916) 428-4808 Order Outdoor
T4: Tea for U T (916) 758-5747 Menu
Corporate Way
Domino’s Pizza T/D (916) 504-4000 Order

Please email us with any additions or corrections.

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