The PGCA Assists Vic Cima and Elks Lodge No. 6 to start our local Pocket-Greenhaven Farmers’ Market.

The PGCA was honored to help support Vic Cima and the Elks Lodge to help start our local Pocket-Greehaven Farmers’ Market.  The PGCA provided outreach to potential vendors and also created surveys to gain feedback as to what our neighbors wanted to purchase at the event.

The Farmers’ Market will be held EVERY SATURDAY at the Elks Lodge at 6446 Riverside Blvd. The markets will run each week from 8am-noon until November 19th. Please spread the word, and we hope to see you and your neighbors there!
For those who wish to set up a booth, there will be 41 13x’13’ spaces available, including space for a vehicle. For registration, visit or contact Vic (text or call) at 916-715-8657.

Pocket/Greenhaven Community Association Announcement

After serving the community for over a year The Pocket/Greenhaven Community Forum will be transitioning into the Pocket/Greenhaven Community Association.  The Pocket/Greenhaven Community Forum has served as a venue in which community members could come together to discuss and work on local issues.  Some of the group’s accomplishments over the last year consist of:

  • A highly successful survey of community interests regarding local restaurants & retails options as well as quality of life issues.
  • A series of community crop swaps where neighbors exchanged their extra produce.
  • A highly informative 2016 voter forum attended by one hundred community members

Looking forward, the Pocket/Greenhaven Community Association will be co-hosting a local family event with the “Pocket Moms” group on June 10th as well as starting a discussion with the owners of the Promenade Shopping Center regarding the community need for additional retail and restaurants.  The main goal of the association will be to continue to serve as a community forum in which neighbors can come together to share their thoughts and feelings on important local issues.

Please feel free to visit the following to keep up todate with the PGCA:



Twitter: @PocketCivics