PGCA joins other neighborhoods in calling for City performance metrics

Eight neighborhoods around Sacramento joined together to call for the City to develop performance metrics to help demonstrate how well it is meeting community needs. This program will break down silos to assemble existing city data and make it publicly available, broken out by neighborhood. In doing so, it will increase transparency and provide our city’s excellent staff with additional tools to drive continuous improvement in City services.

Katie Valenzuela Garcia of the Oak Park Neighborhood Association started the charge and our own Board Member, Devin Lavelle presented at the last membership meeting. The membership unanimously voted to sign on to the letter, which has now been delivered to Mayor Darrell Steinberg, bearing our President, Will Cannady’s name.

Will was joined in signing the letter by:

  • Katie Valenzuela Garcia, Oak Park Neighborhood Association
  • Luree Stetson, Upper Land Park Neighbors
  • Sean Wright, Alkali and Mansion Flats Historic Neighborhood Association
  • Marni Leger, Southside Park Neighborhood Association
  • Angela Tillotson, Midtown Neighborhood Association
  • Sean Manwaring, Newton Booth Neighborhoods Association
  • Rose Cabral, Colonial Heights Neighborhood Association

Read the letter: