PGCA calls for improvements in RT service proposal

The Pocket-Greenhaven Community Association has called on the RT Board of Directors to ensure staff revises the proposed changes to coverage in the Pocket-Greenhaven community, ensuring wider coverage throughout the neighborhood.

We understand the need to streamline lightly used routes and appreciate the effort to increase connection through a common hub for ongoing routes.

We are concerned, however, that the proposed location of that hub (at the intersection of Florin and Greenhaven, near Lake Crest Village) unnecessarily limits coverage throughout the community and creates a safety hazard at an already over burdened intersection. The existing partial-hub at Promenade Shopping Center ensures wider coverage, providing service at a much safer, more pedestrian friendly location.

We appreciate RT staff’s outreach, providing an information and feedback session at our January membership meeting and are optimistic staff will use the community feedback provided to produce a revised plan that more efficiently provides improved service for our community and the entire region.

We are grateful for the dozens of community members who provided feedback and for Supervisor Kennedy and Councilmember Jennings’ ongoing leadership on these important issues.

PGCA Supports Measure U

The Pocket Greenhaven Community Association strongly urges voters in our community to vote Yes on Measure U. Measure U provides essential funding to support public safety, parks, libraries and youth & senior services that help make our community such a special place to live, work and play.
Expanding Measure U will allow the city to further improve those services and increase investment in our local neighborhoods. While we appreciate the level of public safety achieved over the last several years, there is a clear consensus in our community that continuing to improve safety remains a top priority and that investing in the community resources that strengthen neighborly bonds and provide positive experiences for youth are a key strategy.
We do not take the costs lightly and commit to continue our efforts as a Community Association to ensure these funds are spent wisely, efficiently and with a focus on our neighborhoods and residents.
In accordance with the PGCA by-laws, this position was taken after a unanimous vote of the Board of Directors following a discussion with and input from members and other residents.

PGCA Supports Del Rio Trail

The Pocket Greenhaven Community Association is proud to support the completion of the proposed Del Rio Trail.  Consistent with our core goals including the upkeep and expansion of parks and recreation spaces, the Del Rio Trail would be an exciting new option for local residents to help live an active and healthy lifestyle.  We look
forward to working with SLPNA and the City on the Del Rio Trail as an important part of expanding recreation and active transit infrastructure in our beautiful corner of the city.