May 2018 Meeting Minutes

Pocket Greenhaven Community Association

Minutes for May 1, 2018 General Membership Meeting

  • Introductions (Approximately 13 people in attendance)
  • Presentation by Brendle Wells re: Resources Available at Robbie Waters Library.
    • Brendle gave an overview of all the resources available through the Sacramento Pubic Library, including the Library of Things, board games, video games, museum passes (Discover and Go – under the “services” part of the website), job coaching, providing opportunities for lifelong learning, etc.)
    • Brendle answered several questions from the members.
  • ACC Senior Services (Darrick Lam, Chief Executive Officer).
    • Darrick gave an overview of ACC programing. They are building a new Assisted Living and Memory Care Center called Maple Tree for 102 residents off the Pocket Road exit.
  • Next Local Business Roundtable (Mary McCune).
    • Thursday, June 28th from 6 – 8 p.m. at Robbie Waters. Focus will be on marketing efforts for this community and “shop local” campaigns. There will features in Pocket News and Inside Pocket and the committee will also do personalized outreach.
  • South Land Park Association asking for support re: Del Rio Trail (Will Cannady).
    • Jim Houpt gave an overview of the project, including from the perspective of the California State Railroad Museum Foundation.
    • The consensus of the individuals present was that the best approach was to send a letter supporting the project in concept, but not taking a position on any of the areas in dispute.
  • Review Pride of the Pocket Awards (Devin Lavelle).
    • Devin gave an overview of the Pride of the Pocket awards. Probably brought in revenue of about $500 -$600 and approximately 80 people attended.
  • Review Bike Rodeo (GariRae).
    • GariRae gave an overview of the Bike Rodeo Event. Sixty-six kids had registered before the event, but only 21 people attended. She thinks that 3 hours is too long and maybe a 2-hour event is better. She would recommend doing it ourselves in the future and not with Sac PD. They did fitting for helmets and trained on the rules of the road. Rick Jennings’ office helped quite a lot.
  • Pocket 4th of July Parade (Will Cannady).
    • Will is going to email the membership to form a committee to determine how to participate in and support the parade.
  • Family Picnic (Erin).
    • Potentially combing with an event with Rick Jennings on the Greenbelt on a Sunday in September. Jim is working with Jennings’ office and will coordinate with Erin. GariRae suggested that we combine it with a bike rodeo.
  • New Business
    • Will is soliciting questions for the May 12th candidate forum for the League of Women Voters.
  • Next General Membership Meeting – July 2018
  • Adjournment