November 2018 Meeting Minutes

Pocket Greenhaven Community Association

Minutes for November 7, 2018 General Membership Meeting

Introductions (Approximately 18 people in attendance)

Special Community Meeting Re: Local Package Theft and Cluster Mailbox Break-Ins.

  1. Will provided background information on the issues and efforts made thus far to address the thefts.
  2. Everyone went around the room to introduce themselves and explain their interest in the theft and cluster mailbox issues.
  3. A representative from Congresswoman Matsui’s office attended and committed to looking into the issue, including coordinating with the USPS etc.

Upcoming Events. (Will Cannady)

  1. Pocket Awards – Planning on doing the event again next Spring. Devin will begin soliciting donations soon. May not charge an entry fee this year.
  2. Business Roundtable – Have set up a series of business roundtables. Devin is doing profiles in the Pocket News for local brick and mortar businesses.
  3. Follow Up Special Meeting re: packet and cluster mailbox theft – Judy Foote brought up working with other neighborhoods like Natomas and Laguna/Elk Grove and maybe contacting the other neighborhood associations. She also had the idea of using on-line form letters, petitions etc.

Membership Drive.

  1. Working to increase the number of members – getting out the word at the grocery stores, canvassing neighborhoods, talking to your neighbors.
  2. We are planning to put something in the Pocket News in early 2019.
  3. Pocket Little League and Greenhaven Soccer Club opening day ceremonies would be a good opportunity to reach out to local families.
  4. The Board needs to determine how to remind people that they need to renew their memberships.

 New Business

Greenhaven Soccer Club is putting together their fundraiser in December. Devin gave an overview of the event and ask those in attendance to contribute to a donation to assist with the event.

Next General Membership Meeting – January 2019