July 2018 Minutes

Pocket Greenhaven Community Association
Minutes for July 10th, 2018 General Membership Meeting

  • Introductions (Approximately 24 people in attendance)
  • Friends of the Sacramento River Parkway Presentation by Jim Houpt

-Jim gave an overview on the purpose of the Friends of the Sacramento River Parkway group

-Jim explained the history of the Sacramento River Parkway and the need to continue to advocate for its completion.

-The PGCA Board will vote to take a position on supporting the Sacramento River Parkway at our next meeting.

  • Local Business Roundtable

-Quick update on how the last business roundtable went.

-Plans are being made for the next business roundtable meeting.

  • National Night Out, Tues. Aug. 7th

-We will be co-hosting a NNO event with Pocket Nextdoor on Tues. Aug.7th from 6-8 pm.

-We will also make an effort to reach out to other neighborhood groups to support their NNO events.

  • Pocket 4th of July Parade

-We reviewed our successful participation in the event.

  • Making Greenhaven Dr. safer for bike/ped crossers exiting Pocket Canal Path

-Presentation by Emily Piltch on how we could increase access from the Pocket Canal Path to local retail.

-Will follow up by working with Councilmember Jenning’s office and offering further support to Emily.

  • Pocket/Greenhaven Family Picnic

-Jim Geary and Erin Peth are still working with Councilmember Jennings office to set up the event.

  • Memorial for Cottonwood at Renfree Park

-GariRae will be looking into seeing what we could be doing to create a memorial for the Cottonwood tree at Renfree Park.

  • Crop Swap

-A neighborhood crop swap will be held on July 29th at 10 am in front of Robbie Waters Library

  • Budget update

-Have $1,028 in our account.

-Still working with FTB to finalize nonprofit status with the state.

Next general membership meeting, September 4th.