September 2018 Meeting Minutes

Pocket Greenhaven Community Association

Minutes for September 4, 2018 General Membership Meeting

Introductions (Approximately 13 people in attendance)

Presentation from SMUD Board Member Genevieve Shiroma.

Shiroma provided an overview of her service on the SMUD Board and recent efforts for renewable energy etc. Ms. Shiroma’s term will expire in December. She offered to continue to be a resource to assist customers until that point.

Presentation by Kaelin Sherrel regarding upcoming changes to time-of-day rates.

Kaelin provided an overview of the new SMUD program called “Time of Day” rates, which will be rolling out in the Fall and in 2019. There are numerous resources on SMUD’s website for customers to compare how the new rates will affect them.

Upcoming Voter Forum on October 10, 2018 from 6:00 – 8:00. (Devin Lavelle).

Local elected officials and experts will be in attendance to provide an overview of the measures on the ballot in November.

Family Carnival Event (Jim Geary).

The Pocket-Greenhaven Parkway Kids’ Festival will be on October 21, 2018 8-12 p.m. behind Caroline Wenzel. Kids age 3 to 10-11 years old. Athletic events will be a non-competitive bike cruise and a non-competitive run – three age groups. There will also be food and carnival events.

Jim and Beth Koster of Greenhaven Soccer Club are going to be co-directors of the event.

They are working with the City on securing permits and signage.

Pocket Greenhaven Moms group will also be helping with the event.

 Taking a position on Measure U (Will Cannady).

Will provided an overview on Measure U 1.0 and Measure U 2.0. Devin also added more information about how the measures may affect the parks and park rangers.

The group discussed their opinions and thoughts about the measure and a straw poll was taken with strong support for the Measure.

New Business

Devin gave an update on the progress at the Promenade Shopping Center.

The group discussed the possibility of having goats brought out to assist in maintaining the grasses on the levee.

Next General Membership Meeting – November 7, 2018