Sacramento “City Management Academy” coming soon!

“As a former graduate, I can not say enough about what I learned in Sacramento’s City Management Academy! I encourage any citizen who wants a better understanding of local government to apply.”
– Lisa Linares, PGCA Board Member


The City Management Academy (CMA) is a free, multi-week, instructional course that teaches participants about how the City of Sacramento functions.

CMA curriculum features guest lectures from elected officials and department staff focused on topics ranging from day-to-day operations to budget development and the public policy process. 


To be eligible, applicants must reside in the City of Sacramento or own a business in the City of Sacramento. Applicants must also be at least 16 years old. 


The application for the 2023 program will be posted soon. Please complete this form if you would like to be placed on an interest list and notified when the application opens.

Streets for People Active Transportation Plan

Introducing the ‘Streets for People Active Transportation Plan:’ What to know and how to get involved.

The Department of Public Work’s Transportation Planning team (,4a04504,4a11471) is launching a citywide planning effort called the Streets for People Active Transportation Plan (,4a04504,4a11472).

This effort will result in a new bicycle and pedestrian master plan beginning with an assessment of existing bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.

While the project will address active transportation needs citywide, engagement will be focused in three focus areas: South Sacramento, North Sacramento, and Fruitridge/ Broadway.

“We’re looking forward to hearing from people in areas of high need and historical disinvestment about their experiences and barriers to walking, biking and taking transit to important destinations,” said Senior Transportation Planner Leslie Mancebo.

Upcoming Community Workshops:

Aug. 2, 6-7:30 p.m.
Sacramento LGBT Community Center
Register (,4a04504,4a11473)

Aug. 3, 6-7:30 p.m.
Pannell Meadowview Community Center

Register (,4a04504,4a11474)

Aug. 9, 6-7:30 p.m.
Virtual workshop

Register (,4a04504,4a11475)

Aug. 10, 6-7:30 p.m.
Virtual workshop

Register (,4a04504,4a11476)

2023 Board Election Results

The PGCA held its annual Board elections on July 20th at the quarterly meeting. Thank you to all who came out to vote and a big thank you to all of the candidates who ran this year!

The winners of the four open seats, each serving a two year term 2023-2025 are:

  • Katie Butler – Katie is a returning Board Member and is most passionate about supporting our local businesses and schools. She served as PGCA President last year 2022-2023, launched the new Member Benefit Program and continues to drive the PGCA Scholarship Program, which awarded the first 2 winners this year! To accomplish ambitious goals and truly represent the community, she will continue to focus on growing membership, currently at 367.

  • Junior Goris – Junior is a returning Board Member since 2019, originally appointed to the Board by then President Will Cannady. He was PGCA Vice President 2022-2023. He has assisted with past events such as the Pocket Awards and Pocket Crop Swap, and recently with our members’ discount program, playing a part in seeking and maintaining professional, strategic relationships with elected officials, neighbors, and local businesses. 

  • Tristan Brown – Tristan is a former Founding Board Member and is returning after a year off. He held the position of PGCA Treasurer 2021-2022. He returns to the board to help with the wonderful expansion thanks to the current board and is excited to roll his sleeves up and once again help maintain our wonderful community.

  • Dan Waters – Dan is a first time Board Member. He has never lived a day of his life anywhere else, and has played a vital role in his family’s service and active involvement in the area that has been both well-known and well documented. He pledges to continue to exert the same diligence and care that he has always summoned throughout his life of public service and to enhance the quality of life in our community.

Three Board Members still serving their current volunteer term 2022-2024 are:

(Photo unavailable)
Steve Lightstone 2022-2024
Steve has served as PGCA Treasurer 2022-2023 and has been diligent in maintaining accurate records. He leads the Safety Committee and is always seeking additional members to keep the Pocket-Greenhaven community the safest place to live in all of Sacramento. Talk to Steve today!

Lisa Linares 2022-2024
Over the past year, Lisa has increased PGCA’s visibility by attending events such as “Trucks and Such”. She has also kept PGCA’s website up-to-date with events and relevant news regarding the neighborhood. Her focus during the next year will be to encourage members to participate in, and drive, committees that they are passionate about. She looks forward to talking with you soon!

Jonathan Quok 2022-2024
Jon has brought enthusiasm and dedication to the Board. He has been editor-in-chief of PGCA’s newsletters that get emailed to almost 400 members each quarter, as well as any other emails that go out. And if you want to order a PGCA shirt (as seen in photo) or hat, talk to Jon! He can set you up in style!

BIG thank you goes out to our outgoing Board members:

  • Cady Waschman – During her term 2021-2023 , Cady formally held the position of Secretary, but was the Board’s informal Technology Officer and graphic designer, as well. She was instrumental in setting up PGCA’s member management platform and training the Board in its use. Thank you, Cady!
  • Jim Houpt – Jim is one of the original Founding PGCA Board Members serving since 2015, before stepping down in late 2022 due to his many other volunteer commitments. Thank you for all the foundational work you did for PGCA, Jim!

Board positions reset after each election and will be determined at the first Board meeting scheduled for August 14, 2023.

Our next Board election will be held in the summer of 2024 with three seats open.

We hope you will consider running for the Board at that time!

Aug 3, 2022 Board Election Results

We are sharing the results of our Aug 3, 2022 Board Election.

Our new board members are:
Steve Lightstone
Lisa Linares
Jon Quok

In August, the Pocket Greenhaven Community Association (PGCA) held its annual general election and as a result, welcomed three new members to its board: Steve Lightstone, Lisa Linares, and Jonathan Quok. 

After eight years of serving as the association’s president, PGCA co-founder Will Cannady decided to step down to take a well-deserved break.  A huge thank you to Will, as well as outgoing board members Jim Geary and Tristan Brown for the years of hard work and dedication they contributed to the PGCA.

With the changes to the composition of the board, Katie Butler was named President, Junior Goris was named Vice President, and Steve Lightstone was named Treasurer. Jim Houpt and Cady Wachsman remain in their previous board positions.

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all who voted!

If you would like to renew your membership, please visit

Black Lives Matter

The Pocket Greenhaven Community Association was founded on the belief that, “Our community is one of respect that does not merely tolerate and accept differences, it celebrates them. No community member shall be made to feel unwelcome in their neighborhood.” We recognize, however, that this ideal has not always been the reality for many in our community and around our region, a burden borne disproportionately by our Black neighbors. And so, we say, Black Lives Matter.

The Pocket Greenhaven Community Association  was founded on the belief that, “All community members, regardless of age, gender, national origin, political preferences, race, religion, residential status or sexual orientation must be treated fairly and have equitable access to our organization, their representatives in government and to the natural and cultural amenities of our neighborhood.”  We recognize, however, that too often, our government, our schools and, yes, our police have failed to provide the same level of service and protections to our Black neighbors. And so, we say, Black Lives Matter.

The Pocket Greenhaven Community Association was founded on the belief that, “Ensuring the Pocket-Greenhaven neighborhood remain the safest neighborhood in the city must continue to be a top priority.” We recognize, however, that while we remain grateful for the brave men and women of Sacramento PD who help ensure that safety, there remains a great need to rectify the historic and ongoing abuse towards people of color especially the Black community and to make racial justice and equity a reality. And so, we say, Black Lives Matter.

The Pocket-Greenhaven Community Association joins our neighbors in calling out:  “All Lives cannot Matter until Black Lives Matter”

We join our nation in mourning the senseless murder of George Floyd and are saddened by violent reactions to peaceful protest.

PGCA Supports Measure U

The Pocket Greenhaven Community Association strongly urges voters in our community to vote Yes on Measure U. Measure U provides essential funding to support public safety, parks, libraries and youth & senior services that help make our community such a special place to live, work and play.
Expanding Measure U will allow the city to further improve those services and increase investment in our local neighborhoods. While we appreciate the level of public safety achieved over the last several years, there is a clear consensus in our community that continuing to improve safety remains a top priority and that investing in the community resources that strengthen neighborly bonds and provide positive experiences for youth are a key strategy.
We do not take the costs lightly and commit to continue our efforts as a Community Association to ensure these funds are spent wisely, efficiently and with a focus on our neighborhoods and residents.
In accordance with the PGCA by-laws, this position was taken after a unanimous vote of the Board of Directors following a discussion with and input from members and other residents.

PGCA Supports Del Rio Trail

The Pocket Greenhaven Community Association is proud to support the completion of the proposed Del Rio Trail.  Consistent with our core goals including the upkeep and expansion of parks and recreation spaces, the Del Rio Trail would be an exciting new option for local residents to help live an active and healthy lifestyle.  We look
forward to working with SLPNA and the City on the Del Rio Trail as an important part of expanding recreation and active transit infrastructure in our beautiful corner of the city.