Aug 3, 2022 Board Election Results

We are sharing the results of our Aug 3, 2022 Board Election.

Our new board members are:
Steve Lightstone
Lisa Linares
Jon Quok

In August, the Pocket Greenhaven Community Association (PGCA) held its annual general election and as a result, welcomed three new members to its board: Steve Lightstone, Lisa Linares, and Jonathan Quok. 

After eight years of serving as the association’s president, PGCA co-founder Will Cannady decided to step down to take a well-deserved break.  A huge thank you to Will, as well as outgoing board members Jim Geary and Tristan Brown for the years of hard work and dedication they contributed to the PGCA.

With the changes to the composition of the board, Katie Butler was named President, Junior Goris was named Vice President, and Steve Lightstone was named Treasurer. Jim Houpt and Cady Wachsman remain in their previous board positions.

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all who voted!

If you would like to renew your membership, please visit

Black Lives Matter

The Pocket Greenhaven Community Association was founded on the belief that, “Our community is one of respect that does not merely tolerate and accept differences, it celebrates them. No community member shall be made to feel unwelcome in their neighborhood.” We recognize, however, that this ideal has not always been the reality for many in our community and around our region, a burden borne disproportionately by our Black neighbors. And so, we say, Black Lives Matter.

The Pocket Greenhaven Community Association  was founded on the belief that, “All community members, regardless of age, gender, national origin, political preferences, race, religion, residential status or sexual orientation must be treated fairly and have equitable access to our organization, their representatives in government and to the natural and cultural amenities of our neighborhood.”  We recognize, however, that too often, our government, our schools and, yes, our police have failed to provide the same level of service and protections to our Black neighbors. And so, we say, Black Lives Matter.

The Pocket Greenhaven Community Association was founded on the belief that, “Ensuring the Pocket-Greenhaven neighborhood remain the safest neighborhood in the city must continue to be a top priority.” We recognize, however, that while we remain grateful for the brave men and women of Sacramento PD who help ensure that safety, there remains a great need to rectify the historic and ongoing abuse towards people of color especially the Black community and to make racial justice and equity a reality. And so, we say, Black Lives Matter.

The Pocket-Greenhaven Community Association joins our neighbors in calling out:  “All Lives cannot Matter until Black Lives Matter”

We join our nation in mourning the senseless murder of George Floyd and are saddened by violent reactions to peaceful protest.

PGCA Supports Measure U

The Pocket Greenhaven Community Association strongly urges voters in our community to vote Yes on Measure U. Measure U provides essential funding to support public safety, parks, libraries and youth & senior services that help make our community such a special place to live, work and play.
Expanding Measure U will allow the city to further improve those services and increase investment in our local neighborhoods. While we appreciate the level of public safety achieved over the last several years, there is a clear consensus in our community that continuing to improve safety remains a top priority and that investing in the community resources that strengthen neighborly bonds and provide positive experiences for youth are a key strategy.
We do not take the costs lightly and commit to continue our efforts as a Community Association to ensure these funds are spent wisely, efficiently and with a focus on our neighborhoods and residents.
In accordance with the PGCA by-laws, this position was taken after a unanimous vote of the Board of Directors following a discussion with and input from members and other residents.

PGCA Supports Del Rio Trail

The Pocket Greenhaven Community Association is proud to support the completion of the proposed Del Rio Trail.  Consistent with our core goals including the upkeep and expansion of parks and recreation spaces, the Del Rio Trail would be an exciting new option for local residents to help live an active and healthy lifestyle.  We look
forward to working with SLPNA and the City on the Del Rio Trail as an important part of expanding recreation and active transit infrastructure in our beautiful corner of the city.

Public Safety Town Hall

Vice Mayor Jennings hosted a town hall on Wednesday, along with City Manager Howard Chan, Assistant City Manager for Public Safety Arturo Sanchez, our new Chief of Police Daniel Hahn and SacPD Captain Dave Peletta. Thank you to the Vice Mayor and his staff for hosting the event and providing the slides to allow us to share them further.


The Pocket Greenhaven Community continues to be the safest in the City, by far!

Additional Police Observation Devices will be installed shortly, covering every ingress & egress point for our neighborhood, helping to further improve safety.


An engaged community is the most important tool for maintaining public safety. Having the largest number of Nextdoor subscribers for any neighborhood in the city is a great sign!


Download the full presentation.

Take a look at the City’s Homelessness Resource factsheet.

PGCA joins other neighborhoods in calling for City performance metrics

Eight neighborhoods around Sacramento joined together to call for the City to develop performance metrics to help demonstrate how well it is meeting community needs. This program will break down silos to assemble existing city data and make it publicly available, broken out by neighborhood. In doing so, it will increase transparency and provide our city’s excellent staff with additional tools to drive continuous improvement in City services.

Katie Valenzuela Garcia of the Oak Park Neighborhood Association started the charge and our own Board Member, Devin Lavelle presented at the last membership meeting. The membership unanimously voted to sign on to the letter, which has now been delivered to Mayor Darrell Steinberg, bearing our President, Will Cannady’s name.

Will was joined in signing the letter by:

  • Katie Valenzuela Garcia, Oak Park Neighborhood Association
  • Luree Stetson, Upper Land Park Neighbors
  • Sean Wright, Alkali and Mansion Flats Historic Neighborhood Association
  • Marni Leger, Southside Park Neighborhood Association
  • Angela Tillotson, Midtown Neighborhood Association
  • Sean Manwaring, Newton Booth Neighborhoods Association
  • Rose Cabral, Colonial Heights Neighborhood Association

Read the letter:


Pocket/Greenhaven Community Association Announcement

After serving the community for over a year The Pocket/Greenhaven Community Forum will be transitioning into the Pocket/Greenhaven Community Association.  The Pocket/Greenhaven Community Forum has served as a venue in which community members could come together to discuss and work on local issues.  Some of the group’s accomplishments over the last year consist of:

  • A highly successful survey of community interests regarding local restaurants & retails options as well as quality of life issues.
  • A series of community crop swaps where neighbors exchanged their extra produce.
  • A highly informative 2016 voter forum attended by one hundred community members

Looking forward, the Pocket/Greenhaven Community Association will be co-hosting a local family event with the “Pocket Moms” group on June 10th as well as starting a discussion with the owners of the Promenade Shopping Center regarding the community need for additional retail and restaurants.  The main goal of the association will be to continue to serve as a community forum in which neighbors can come together to share their thoughts and feelings on important local issues.

Please feel free to visit the following to keep up todate with the PGCA:



Twitter: @PocketCivics