Cluster Mailbox Theft Prevention

There is another round of cluster mailbox break-ins occurring in the Pocket Greenhaven Neighborhood. As you may recall the PGCA was instrumental in leading the fight last year against these break-ins.  We held a community meeting in July and with the help of federal officials had locks and older cluster mailboxes replaced.   Unfortunately, last month mail carriers were held up at gunpoint and their master keys were stolen.  Since then we have seen an increase in break-ins, with at least 5 occurring in the last few days in our neighborhood.  Your PGCA, as in the past, is working with Congresswoman Matsui’s office and the USPS to end this new round of break ins.  Please email if you know of a cluster mailbox break-in.  Please include: the time and date, address, was forced used to open the mailbox, any security footage or photos, and any other witness information. 

Your PGCA will have a short presentation at our January 19th community meeting about our efforts to stop these break ins.  In the meantime, we recommend that you collect your mail from cluster mailboxes daily.