January 2018 Meeting Minutes

Pocket Greenhaven Community Association

Minutes for January 9, 2018 General Membership Meeting

  1. Introductions (Approximately 18 people in attendance)
  2. Presentation by Kimberly Bankston-Lee from the SOL (Saving Our Legacy African Americans for Smoke-Free Safe Places) Project
  3. Pocket/Greenhaven Community Association Spring Awards (Pride of the Pocket)
    1. Devin Lavelle provided an update on the status of the event. It will be in late April at the School of Engineering and Sciences. Ideas in progress for the event so far are awards from PGCA and elected officials, a cooking competition and having non-profits available to present about their organizations. The ticket prices will be determined (but the working plan is to charge $10/individual and $25/family, with a discount for PGCA members). PGCA will also be soliciting sponsorships and donations for the event.
  1. Sacramento Voters Choice Coalition
    1. Devin Lavelle gave an overview of the Voters Choice Act. PGCA held a forum in October and agreed to include information in our social media and put in our newsletter etc. to support the Sacramento Voters Choice Coalition. Devin also let everyone know that they individually could do outreach about this change to voting in our area.
  1. Local Business Forum
    1. Mary McCune provided an overview of the Local Business Forum, which will be held on February 27, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. at the Robbie Waters Library Community Room. Mary is coordinating volunteers to go to local businesses to handout invitations and do personal outreach to them.
  1. Nonprofit Status
    1. Will Cannady (on behalf of Tristan Brown), provided an update on the current status, which is almost completed. Will and Tristan also opened a bank account for PGCA. The Board members have agreed to provide the initial funding for the cost of formally becoming a 501(c)(3) organization.
  1. Membership Form and Dues
    1. Erin Peth presented the Board’s recommendation that we formalize memberships for the PGCA and charge annual dues of $10/individual/year. There was some discussion about whether there should be an option for a household membership, but in the end the group agreed to keep it simple at the beginning and agreed to the Board’s recommendation of $10 individual memberships. Erin will work in the coming months on the membership application and the logistics of collecting dues etc.
  2. Pocket/Greenhaven Bike Rodeo
    1. GariRae Gray provided an update on her efforts to put together a Bike Rodeo in our area. She is trying to coordinate with the Sacramento Police Department, as the Department has received a school safety transportation grant. They might be interested in doing a bike rodeo in the parking lot of the library. The Councilman Jennings’ Office offered to assist with setting something like this up and helping to coordinate with SPD.
  3. New Business
    1. The Rivercats contacted Will Cannady about doing a night at the ball park. Will is going to get more information to bring back to the group. One of the attendees suggested partnering with Pocket Little League to promote any event.
    2. Will Cannady notified everyone that the South Land Park Neighborhood Association wants to do a clean-up at the intersection of 35th Avenue and Riverside Blvd. Will Cannady will continue to update the group on the event date etc.
    3. GeriRae Gray would like to do more outreach to the community. She is interested in doing something on traffic safety. The group had a thorough discussion about additional positive outreach efforts that would assist the community. One idea that was raised was to do some activities around parent involvement and students etc. Erin Peth discussed the Board’s idea of doing educational presentations at the membership meetings and encouraged new attendees to review the PGCA’s mission and vision statement to learn more about the organization’s purpose. Will Cannady emphasized that all ideas will be considered and that PGCA welcomes all to participate.
  4. Next General Membership Meeting – March 2018
  5. Adjournment