November 2017 Meeting Notes

Pocket Greenhaven Community Association

Minutes for November 7, 2017 General Membership Meeting

  • Introductions (Approximately 13 people in attendance)
  • Update on Becoming a Non-Profit Organization.
    1. Will Cannady (on behalf of Tristan Brown) provided an update on the current status. Tristan has begun the process of officially registering PGCA as a 501(c)(3) organization and is waiting for the Articles of Incorporation to be returned from the Secretary of State’s Office. Once that happens Will and Tristan will open a bank account. The Board members have agreed to provide the initial funding for the cost of formally becoming a 501(c)(3) organization.
  • Update PGCA Bylaws.
    1. Will Cannady presented the 3 proposed amendments as follows:
      1. Conflict of Interest: Whenever an officer of the Association has a direct financial or personal interest in any contract coming before the Board, the affected person shall: a) fully disclose the nature of the interest; and, b) withdraw from discussion, lobbying and voting on the matter. Any transaction or vote involving a potential conflict of interest shall be approved only when a majority of disinterested officers determine that it is in the best interest of the Association to do so.  The minutes of meetings at which such votes are taken shall record such disclosure, abstention and rationale for approval.
      2. Dissolution: In the event of the dissolution of this association, any and all remaining assets shall be used exclusively for an exempt purpose as defined under section 501(c)3 of the internal revenue code.
      3. The Association shall not participate in or intervene in any political campaign (including the publishing or distribution of statements) on behalf of, or in opposition to, any candidate for public office. The Association also shall not endorse any candidate for public office.
    2. Erin Peth made the motion to approve the amendments and another member seconded it. Two-thirds of the individuals present voted for the motion and it was approved in accordance with the vote requirement in the by-laws.
  • Business Community Round Table.
    1. Mary McCune, presented an update on the activities. She has created a draft letter to invite business members to a separate meeting in February to start discussing issues for businesses in the PGCA boundary lines.
    2. The issue was raised about how to define “local business” and how we should decide how to promote “local businesses.” Those discussions are on-going.
  • Mission/Values/Goals Document.
    1. Mary McCune and Devin Lavelle presented the Mission/Values/Goals document. Will Cannady encouraged those present to read through it before providing comments. The group was very appreciative that Mary and Devin put together the document and agreed it reflected the goals of the organization.
    2. Pat Aguiar moved to adopt the goals document. Will Cannady seconded it. A majority of the individuals present voted for the motion and it was approved.
  • Erin Peth provided an update on membership efforts. The goal is to establish a more formal membership procedure by using a form (on-line and paper format). The Board will also bring forward a proposal at the January meeting as to whether or not dues should be collected, and if so, how much the dues should be.
    • There was a discussion of how to handle voting if non-members are present at a meeting. Individuals had several suggestions on how to handle this issue.
    • Toni Tinker offered her expertise in website development and the collection of electronic payments.
  • Bike Safety Event
    1. GariRae Gray provided an overview of the bike safety event. Approximately 15 people attended that event.
    2. She saw an announcement about a school safety transportation grant to the Sacramento Police Department. They might be interested in doing a bike rodeo in the parking lot of the library.
  • Spring Pocket Awards Ceremony
    1. Devin Lavelle provided an update on the status of the ceremony and a possible venue for the ceremony. Devin is still looking for a good place to hold the event. Will Cannady is going to see if the school site is available.
  • New Business
    1. Jim Geary did a map of the boundaries of PGCA. It will help for membership efforts etc.
    2. Safety & Security Issue – One of the members brought up the issue of students hanging out after school outside the Taco Bell. Devin indicated that the Sacramento Police Department is working with the management of the facilities to try and resolve the issue.
  • Next General Membership Meeting – January 2018
  • Adjournment