Featured Businesses: All of Our Local Restaurants!

This is a very challenging time for our local restaurants. Nearly all of our local restaurants remain open for takeout (T) or delivery (D).  As of July 3, we have verified that all of the following are open, though mostly with limited hours. Restaurants with “Outdoor” are open for outdoor dine-in service, consistent with County regulations. Please support all of our local restaurants!

Device Brewing Co. T/D (916) 594-9043 Menu Outdoor
A Taste Above Café T/D (916) 272-2311 Grubhub
Beijing Garden T/D (916) 458-0888 Menu
Sai Varee T/D (916) 422-7701 Menu
Ramen House Tenjin T (916) 661-6656 Menu
Papa Murphy’s T (916) 424-7272 Order
Mountain Mike’s T/D (916) 970-5360 Order
Riverlake Village
Cacio T (916) 399-9309 Menu
Caffe Latte T (916) 395-9230 Menu Outdoor
Pho Bac Hoa Viet T/D (916) 393-0138 Doordash
Poke Ichii T/D (916) 329-8752 Grubhub
Hop Junction T (916) 382-9211 Menu
Vientos Mexican Cocina T (916) 391-7100 Menu Outdoor
Pizza Guys T/D (916) 429-1111 Order
Subway T/D (916) 392-6720 Order
Riverside Plaza
Chopsticks Express T/D (916) 393-1161 Yelp
New China T/D (916) 424-1717 Menu
Baskin Robins T (916) 393-1331 Order
Banzai Sushi T (916) 421-4055 Menu
Le Croissant Factory T (916) 392-9227 Yelp
Greenhaven Plaza
Edokko T (916) 395-0632 Yelp
Manley Donuts T (916) 392-4469 Yelp Outdoor
Round Table Pizza T/D (916) 422-7557 Order
Taco Bell T/D (916) 393-8557 Order
Lake Crest Village
Tamashii Ramen T/D (916) 228-4172 DoorDash Outdoor
Shari’s Café & Pies T/D (916) 422-0366 Menu
Jimboy’s Tacos T (916) 391-4893 Order Outdoor
Burger King T/D (916) 392-6145 Order
L&L Hawaiian BBQ T/D (916) 392-5555 Order Outdoor
Subway T/D (916) 428-4808 Order Outdoor
T4: Tea for U T (916) 758-5747 Menu
Corporate Way
Domino’s Pizza T/D (916) 504-4000 Order

Please email us with any additions or corrections.

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Featured Business: Device

The Pocket Greenhaven Community Association’s featured business is Device Brewing, join us as we get to know its owner and head brewer Ken Anthony:

Devin: Hey Ken, we have been looking forward to this for a long time! I know this location means a lot to you, as Pocket residents. Can you start out by telling us a little about yourselves?

Ken: I started Device with my wife, Melissa. We opened in 2013, after about a year and a half of prep. We ran the first location until opening Ice Blocks in 2018. This will be our third, and perhaps final, location.

We’ve lived here for about 6 years. We like the community, the feel of the Pocket. It’s welcoming, not pretentious and it’s close to the things we need, downtown and the freeways. There’s good shopping with Nugget, Bel Air, Delta Shores. The neighborhoods are nice and quiet. We love walking on the levee, the bike paths, the parks. Garcia Bend is awesome. Marriott Park is where we spend most of our time. My only complaint is that there hasn’t been enough to do with the family, especially family dining options.

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Holiday Lights Yard of the Month 2019

Congratulations Kimberly Hobart on winning Yard of the Month: Holiday Lights 2019 for her display at 7296 Riverwind Way! You can still see it, but tonight’s the last night!

8 Freon Ct and 7080 Rivercove Way tied for second. Thanks to everyone who contributed to a beautiful, bright and festive atmosphere in our wonderful neighborhood! 

Halloween Yard of the Month!

Yard of the Month is back!

Who has the most spooktacular, frightful yard in the Pocket?

Nominate your neighbor! Nominate yourself!

Email pictures and the address to info@pocketgreenhaven.org.

Featured Business: A Taste Above

The Pocket Greenhaven Community Association’s featured business is A Taste Above, join us as we get to know its co-owner and manager Rich Wong:

Devin: Hi Rich, thanks for sitting down with me at your restaurant at Promenade Shopping Center, across from Bel Air. You’ve got a diverse menu, tell me about your inspirations …

Rich: Basically, I asked a lot of neighbors, what do you think is needed? They told me, something homemade, something unique, that we don’t have to travel miles and miles to get. In the beginning, we tried to please everyone, it was rough. But we were able to focus in on an Asian-fusion menu, with an island flair that really worked for the neighborhood. We’ve streamlined our service and have been getting the food out faster. Thankfully people gave us a second chance and people have been really enjoying it. We picked up a couple of big catering accounts with ACC and Bank of America. It’s humbling. People have choices, we understand that, so it’s humbling when people choose us.

Devin: The Garcia Bend Mi is my personal favorite, what other dishes are popular? How about something unique you know everyone would love if they gave it a try?

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Featured Business: Beijing Garden

The Pocket Greenhaven Community Association’s featured business is Beijing Garden, join us as we get to know its owner and manager Derek Hui:

Devin: Hey Derek, thanks for taking the time! I’d love to welcome you to the neighborhood, but you’re a local …

Derek: I am! I love Greenhaven. I grew up here and graduated from John F. Kennedy High School. I managed multiple restaurant in the past 20 years. I’m living downtown, but own a home in the neighborhood where family lives. My hobbies are eating and wine tasting.

Devin: It’s a wonderful neighborhood! One of the few complaints I hear are not enough restaurants, so we’re glad you set up here. What are the inspirations for your restaurant?

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Featured Business: Mattress Express

The Pocket Greenhaven Community Association’s featured business is Mattress Express Sacramento, join us as we get to know its owner and manager Brianna Fischer:

Devin: Hi Brianna, thanks for sitting down with me at your store near Bel Air! We’re surrounded by dozens of comfy looking mattresses, but tell me about your business …

Brianna: We have brand name mattresses at a fraction of the price of big box stores, but we also have couches and bedrooms sets as well.   I have been here about a year and a half. Everything is about 50-80 percent of retail. I used to work for Sleep Train which was an amazing experience and great company but they are no longer here.  I have all the same great product but without the overhead it allows me to reduce my prices by 50-80%.

Devin: What got you into Mattresses? How is the business going?

Brianna: Read more at Pocket News Continue reading “Featured Business: Mattress Express”

Pride of the Pocket 2019

Thanks to everyone who help us show the Pride of the Pocket in 2019! Together we celebrated some of the fantastic people and groups that make this such a wonderful place to live, work and play!

Check out all the pictures from GariRae Gray here and from Stephen Michael Crowley on behalf of Pocket News here.