The Pocket-Greenhaven Community Association Continues to Support our Neighborhood by Hosting Many Meetings Regarding Local Issues and Assisting Local Charities and Groups.

Over the last year the PGCA has hosted many meetings regarding important local issues.  Here is a list of the groups who made presentations and offered our neighbors a chance to share their feedback.

  • The Pocket Transportation Plan and the proposed changes to our neighborhood.
  • Lt. Bui with the Sacramento Police Department regarding crime stats for our neighborhood.
  • Paolo Nardi with the Sacramento Fire Department regarding their services in our neighborhood.
  • Residents Against Illegal Fireworks and how neighbors can help support their efforts.
  • Sacramento Utilities regarding upcoming changes to rates and green waste.
  • SMUD regarding their 0 Carbon Plan and changes to rates.
  • Frontstreet Animal Shelter re: their facility and how neighbors could get involved.
  • Important meeting on how redistricting works and the impact it would have on our neighborhood.
  • Pocket Area Churches Together and the amazing work they are doing to support our community.
  • Community Meeting held with Congressmember Matsui’s Office to deal with the ongoing issue of cluster mailbox break-ins.

Over the last year the PGCA has assisted the following charities and groups:

  • 2021 Pocket-Greenhaven Holiday Toy Drive that led to 1000’s of toys being donated to disadvantaged youth.
  • Supported 2021 National Night Out hosted by Pocket Nextdoor.
  • Pocket-Greenhaven Crop Swap
  • Planted trees at Sojourner Truth Park to support Pocket Girls Softball.
  • Worked with Vic Cima and the Elks Lodge to help launch our local Pocket-Greenhaven Farmers Market.
  • Pocket-Greenhaven Citrus Donation Drive to support families in need.
  • Established the Pocket-Greenhaven Community Association Scholarship.

The PGCA remains committed to keeping our neighbors informed and supporting important charities and groups that are working on improving our neighborhood.